I want to improve something!

Everything we do at Machteld Faas Xander (MFX) applies our Design Thinking (DT) method, which mixes both practical and creative ways of thinking (left and right brain) to find effective solutions for human-centered problems.

We share our DT process with our clients in the Badger & Blacksmith newsletter. The B&B often features a practical tool that we use internally to solve our clients’ problems, and which you can use to help spur positive change in your own organization.

To see tools featured in past issues of the Badger & Blacksmith, please click on the links below!


The Badger & Blacksmith Toolbox

issue 01 : Culture Canvas
In this issue we feature Culture Canvas, a fantastic visual design tool that helps share, explain and encourage the brainstorming of abstract thoughts and ideas between a group of people. Go to page

issue 02 : The Communication Bridge
In this issue we feature the Communication Bridge™, a tool that narrows in on the power of clear marketing messaging. By organizing one meaningful belief, behaviour and message in the various boxes, you end up with a key message that truly resonates and is able to persuade a niche target audience. Go to page

issue 03 : Empathy Map
In this issue we feature the Empathy Map, a tool that quickly brings the focus back to the most important part of the innovation process—your customer. Empathy Maps can be quickly sketched on a whiteboard so that a group can identify what their target end user is hearing, thinking, seeing, saying, doing and feeling. The entire map can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Go to page