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What We Do:

Brand Identity
Market/Media Planning

It’s not just the story, we help clients decide where the story is told and who it’s told to.

LED Light Source Product Launch

Long-term client Keene challenged us to develop a name, story and sales tools to introduce their new LED light source system to lighting engineers and specifiers. Keene’s LED product is unique in its application of patented Philips technology that creates a new standard in LED quality and durability.

MFX Partners was inspired by the dramatic improvements that this new technology offered over competitive LED sources and, from a short-list of names that we proposed, the client selected ‘NextLED’. Sales aid stories focus on the advances of Philips innovations and how the technology positions NextLED as a step ahead of competitive LED products.

The sales cycle is just beginning however, interest and requests for quotations for NextLED systems make the launch the most successful ever for Keene.

Phenomenal response …amazing results for a premium product, especially in this tight economy.
Chad Mitchell, Brand Manager

NextLED Nutshell Video

When introducing a new, revolutionary product, how do you vie for the attention of busy, discerning architects and designers? Especially when they specify no paper, no plastic and no waste in presentations.

Produce a short, compelling, and funny cartoon that introduces and explains the core story and benefit (the nutshell) of your new product directly for this specific audience.

The nutshell was received with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Customers found it fresh, different, and it positioned the key benefits of NextLED clearly and simply for all to understand. It also positioned Canlyte-Philips as a progressive corporation that has some spunk; essential for this particular demographic.

The nutshell helps differentiate NextLED, and explains why the product is the clear leader in its category. What’s more, it is a great way of warming up the crowd before my presentation.
Chad Mitchell, Canlyte-Philips—Brand Manager

Watch the video here!