Who We Are

Once upon a time (1983), we established a Kitchener based
communications agency.

Who We Are:
Our Story

How The Heck Do You Pronounce That?

A lot of folks have been wondering how to properly pronounce our new name, in all of it’s glory, properly. So we put together this handy pronunciation key to ensure you have our name down pat!

/’mŏk-těl’d fôs zān-dûr/

Since you¹ve read this far, you are probably wondering who are these people with the strange names?

First of all, you need to know that it’s made up—we wanted to maintain the equity we had in the name MFX and then got a bit creative. Second, the name was created to embody the values of our owners and founders, John and Rebecca Short. As the company grows, we wanted a way to communicate to staff and customers the core values that drive our success as a creativity firm.

Why Machteld, Faas and Xander?

These aren’t names you usually hear on the street in North America. Often in naming a company, an invented name is easier to trademark and create meaning around since it has no other connotations. Picking typical English names borrows feelings and emotions that others might have about them. Machteld, Faas and Xander are distinct and rare, which allow us to embody the values and stories that are important to us.

Based on the Creator archetype, Machteld encourages our creative expression, not just among our typical ‘creative’ team, but also throughout the organization. As a core, driving organizational value, Creator encourages us to remember that everyone is creative and that it is our job to help enable creativity through design. Machteld Faas Xander values imagination, beauty and designs that are both aesthetic and functional. As a core driving value, staff is encouraged to remember Machteld’s guidance and look for ways to embody creativity in every facet of the company.

Based on the Explorer archetype, Faas encourages our self-guided learning culture. Fiercely independent, Faas inspires a flexible, self-starter working environment. As a core, driving organizational value, Explorer encourages us to experience a better, more authentic work life. Machteld Faas Xander values self-guided learning and provide tools to support individual employees’ journey through their careers. Faas guides the learning and professional development side of our company.

Based on the Magician archetype, Xander inspires the way we get things done. Design is a visual-language based discipline and so it’s appropriate that Xander helps us remember that the best way to inspire people is by showing them. MFXers value the social aspect our work and are good at driving consensus through participation, ultimately achieving goals for clients. We believe that when we come together in a fun, positive, open environment‹people can accomplish anything.