Anyone who has visited our space is met with a giant collage of Post-It notes in the office entrance. 880 Post-It notes spell out the words ‘To Do’ along a wall that frames our kitchen. This creation originally came from the Steel Rails event in 2010. Visitors to the railcar we sponsored wrote something on a Post-It note that they felt would make the region a better place to live.

We loved the end result so much that we decided to keep it. Over time, more people have added to the messages on the board. Some of the notes keep to the original theme and others cover a variety of subjects, from life advice to a picture of a snail.

Many of these notes are inspiring and we want to share them. For the next few months we will be tweeting one of the Post-It notes every day. We don’t necessarily agree with all of the ideas but they spark interesting and important conversations. Let us know your opinions and reactions to the day’s Post It.

The hash-tag for these Post-It notes will be #dailypostit.

There are still blank Post-It notes so feel free to drop by our space and share your words of wisdom.

Many people comment about how they love joining in on our morning Stand-Up. Each morning at 9:30, everyone gets together around the kitchen counter and shares something that inspired, interested or impressed them during the previous 24 hours.

And now you can participate too! To get involved and share something, check out The Stand-Up.

We post the contributions that are shared that morning but we strongly encourage you to submit your own stories, especially if it involves one of our seven core values.

We love when you join the conversation. So, agree, challenge, add, think, disagree, reblog or react how you wish. Your voice matters and we want to hear it.

Final closing up of the cabin and good-byes to friends…