Time and dates are mostly meaningless once I’m installed in the family getaway shack here in Keels (population of 60). I go to sleep when it gets dark, wake up when the sun rises…and repeat.


We want to thank everyone who sent us images for our Story of Sustainability on Pinterest. It’s great to have such a caring and supportive community. We did not win the contest but we want to continue the story.

Our world is precious but sometimes, we all are guilty of forgetting the obvious.

That’s why we have started a collection of images on our Pinterest page that show the beauty of nature, humans in harmony with nature and reminders of the devastating consequences when we abuse this gift.

Please e-mail any images that fit these categories to Jessica@machteldfaasxander.com. Make sure that you are not infringing any copyright and that you own the rights to the photograph or that it is public domain. We appreciate all of the images that you have sent so far.

Let’s keep this going.

Day 1:
John Hofstetter’s (John H.)  Honda Element is loaded to the gunnels as we set off at 10:00 am, beginning on the 401 and staying in Canada the whole way. I’m not driving the first shift, so I am uncomfortable (typical me). At the first fuel stop, I wrestled the wheel away from John H. and held on tight for the majority of the trip. No drama today. Stopped for the night in Three Rivers, PQ.


Hello! We are quite excited about an idea that was just born. There is a very short time limit though so we need everyone to help out quickly.

Urbanears, a headphone company based out of Sweden is holding a contest on Pinterest to promote their three new autumn colours: forest, rust and pumpkin.

Sustainability and storytelling are both concepts that are very important to us at Machteld Faas Xander. Through images on Pinterest, we want to share the story of what humans and our planet, inspired by the ‘forest’ colour. We want to share both the beauty of nature and what can happen when we don’t take care of our earth. Urbanears themselves strive to create their products in a way that respects both environmental and human wellbeing, as is mentioned on their website. Combine this with our excitement for creative uses of new media and you can see why we are energized with this idea.

How you can help. We are looking for help in collecting images for this board. Please send this to anyone who is interested in raising awareness for sustainability and would be interested in contributing an image. The end date for the contest is tomorrow, August 17, so we do not have a lot of time.

Please e-mail any images to Jessica@machteldfaasxander.com. Make sure that you are not infringing any copyright and that you either own the rights to the photograph or that it is public domain. We appreciate both images of the beauty of the natural world and the devastating effects of abusing our planet.

The contest details and Urbanears website.

If we win the prize, we want to give it to you, as a thank you for spreading the message. Anyone who sends us an image, retweets or helps to spread the word will be entered into a contest for the headphone collection.

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are.

Thank you!

We hope that you have had an awesome summer so far. If not, maybe we can make it a little more awesome by announcing our MFX August Storytelling Contest.


Starting in August we want to bring you our usual blogs in video form. Video blogs, also known as vlogs, will be available along with the written post. Both mediums, written and video, will contain the same content. You will be able to choose the medium that you prefer.

It has been a year and a half since I left my home in San Diego for an ‘extended’ holiday. For the most part, I have been off-road camping throughout the US and now Canada. I have experienced many adventures on the trip. One of the more frightening ones took place in Bryce Canyon, Utah. It happened a month into my journey, with a friend named Tom in Zion National Park.


What would bring 360 volunteers together to give a combined total of 6500 hours of their time over 4 days? The answer is none other than the largest free blues festival in Canada.

This weekend, August 9-12 2012, Kitchener will host over 60 free concerts and workshops in downtown Kitchener, featuring more than 40 bands over the course of four days on three main and three workshop stages. There will also be Bar Blues performances at local restaurants and bars that extend the blues until the late hour. You can see this year’s line-up on the festival’s website.

Check out the event’s facebook page.
To join the conversation on twitter, tweet @kitchenerblues or use #KBF12.

Come downtown this weekend and find out for yourself what brings 150 000 fans each year to downtown Kitchener for this amazing event!

At Machteld Faas Xander we are proud of our home. We love Waterloo Region, we love The Tannery and we REALLY love our space.

Our space is great, and many people actually associate us with our office. We have taken great care to ensure that it reflects us as a company and that it provides us the best atmosphere for collisions, collaboration, and creation.

We want to celebrate our home and invite you to join us, using one of the greatest ways to celebrate that we can think of: cookies.

The next time that you come to visit us or use our space, check in on foursquare. When you check in at our location three times, you will receive a delicious cookie as a gift for visiting our home. We will be featuring cookies from local shops and bakeries around the region. If you have a suggestion for a featured cookie, tweet us @MachFaasXan

We look forward to seeing you!

The MFX Team

For those of you who are unfamiliar with foursquare, it’s a mobile app you can download to your phone. You create a personal account, similar to other social networking accounts. When you go to a place or spot, you check in through the app and it shows that you were at that place. You can also leave tips and share what you were doing at that venue. It’s great for getting new recommendations on a current fave spot, or getting new recommendations on anything from sushi to soccer balls. Try it out… you’ll love it!

Want to sign up for an account? Download the app on your mobile phone or go to this link.

Want to know more about foursquare? Here you go.