Machteld Faas Xander wants to see your MO! Tweet or e-mail us a picture of your mustache before the end of Movember.
We will show off our three favourites in a blog at the end of the month, along with the winners’ teams so that you can donate and support the cause.

We also want to shout for the Mo Bros right here in our office. Way to go Mike, Neil, and Robert on the Movember midway mark.

We will be tweeting out some midway pictures of Neil, Robert and Mike, our Mo-friend from MadHatter, to show the progress that the guys have made in the past fifteen days.

Not involved in Movember? It’s not too late! Join our team, Stitchy Moes, and start growing your MO.
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Neil Lippert
Robert Minou
Mike Sage
Skitchy Moes (our team)

We are back with a new storytelling contest for November.

In the past, everyone has submitted a story of his or her own for the contest. This month, however, we wanted to try something different and creative; we are going to write a story together.

“How will this work?” you may ask.

Well, let us tell you.

We have set up a Twitter account with the handle @MachStory. This account will tell the story of Machteld. We will begin this story with a 140-character reference to part of the inspiration behind our name.

Where it goes from there is up to you. Contribute to the story with your tweet that adds to the tale and includes the @MachStory handle. We will select our favourite tweet to retweet and add to the story. Every day we will also contribute to the plot with a tweet from @MachStory. This process will continue for the month of November.

If your tweet is selected, your name will go into a draw to win $100.00 at the end of the month. Every time that one of your tweets is retweeted by the @MachStory account during November, your name will be entered an extra time into the draw. You will, however, not be retweeted twice in a row.

“What will the story be about?”

That is up to you. The plot is yours to create and mold. Machteld will be the main character but you can add other characters, decide where they go and what they do. For inspiration, you can read more about the personage behind the Machteld name here. In summary, Machteld is all about creativity. “Machteld […] values imagination, beauty and designs that are both aesthetic and functional.” Keep this in mind and you’ll do great.

For any questions or comments tweet @MachFaasXan, since the @MachStory account will only be used to tell the story.

We look forward to your submissions!