For those of you who are not familiar with Canada’s Technology Triangle’s ‘Team Waterloo Region’, the organization is intensifying its efforts to develop foreign relationships.

Our local municipalities have a lot to offer and more to gain from these initiatives. Waterloo Region has over 800 technology companies and is currently developing leading technology in renewable energy, biotech and nanotechnology. International relationships in the technology sector are growing in importance. Foreign investment has played a consequential role and has a substantial economic impact on our local economy.

CTT has been improving and contributing to the success of the region since 1987, when the partnership was established. The partnership includes the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge, the townships of Woolwich, Wilmot, Wellesley and North Dumfries, and more than two-dozen local community groups and corporations.

Our local mayors (Doug Craig-Cambridge, Carl Zehr- Kitchener, Brenda Halloran- Waterloo) are visiting international cities around the globe, to raise awareness for Waterloo Region and generate international trade and investment.

In 2011 alone, CTT visited 13 countries and participated in 32 international events. This year, they are planning to visit 18 countries and have a part in 58 events.

The region, as a whole, interests investors because of our diverse strengths and technological talent. As a unified region we are able to appeal to cities on an international scale and benefit everyone involved.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2012, the Mayors’ Forum was held at WalterFedy in Kitchener, where CTT’s CEO John G. Jung explained the plans for 2012 and revealed the success of the previous year. He also explained the impact of foreign investment on our local economy. The Mayors also shared their plans for this year. The event was informative and interesting. Sounds like an exciting year for Canada’s Technology Triangle, Team Waterloo Region and all of us!

Machteld Faas Xandder was pleased to be chosen as the provider for CTT’s unique animated video that focuses on what the Waterloo Region has to offer. It is now being used to introduce CTT and the region at meetings, seminars and trade events around the world (watch the video on our YouTube channel at

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