On June 24, to do a little thought-provoking with our Digital Community Quilt—and the fabulous citizens of Waterloo Region were definitely game! You see, we were itching to expand on our Post-it wall from last year’s installation when we asked, “What do we need to do to build a better community?”

This year, our thoughts remained focused on our ideal: people working together to co-design a better #KWawesome. However, we decided to add a little twist and make the activity in our train car more visually interactive, by asking participants to draw their answers to one of our three community-focused questions.

And as promised, we’ve already started—albeit slowly—revealing visual squares illustrated by our train car riders. You can’t blame a girl for wanting to create a little anticipation, can you? Well today, I’ve decided to play nice and reveal three more quilt squares!

So without further adieu …

Question #1: What three wishes do you have that would make Waterloo Region an awesome place to live?

Our Interpretation: Creating a space for outdoor community theatre and arts, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Question #2: What’s your gift (what could you contribute) to the community?

Our Interpretation: Birth of a super-smart-phone lovechild between BlackBerry® and Apple®, which would pioneer a new age of information technology, knowledge sharing, and limitless community growth and success for Waterloo Region in the high-tech sector.

Question: What do you think is Waterloo Region’s gift to its citizens?

Our Interpretation: … and now for a really special treat brought to you via video of our very own Alison De Muy (and a few glasses of wine, which (and I’m just guessing here) figure into her “beautiful pelicans of Waterloo Region” theory 😉

So now it’s your turn. We’d love to hear your input concerning the questions. Did we get the interpretations right? Do you have better ones? Come on, share, it’s fun!


    HA HA! BlackBerry – Apple have a love child! Funny idea, although the thought of working together rather then in secret behind closed doors is good. Especially considering this week’s news. Good advice and I have to say that you MFX guys look like you are a lot of fun :)

    Comment by Colin S — July 8, 2011 @ 3:22 pm

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