Machteld Faas Xander wants to see your MO! Tweet or e-mail us a picture of your mustache before the end of Movember.
We will show off our three favourites in a blog at the end of the month, along with the winners’ teams so that you can donate and support the cause.

We also want to shout for the Mo Bros right here in our office. Way to go Mike, Neil, and Robert on the Movember midway mark.

We will be tweeting out some midway pictures of Neil, Robert and Mike, our Mo-friend from MadHatter, to show the progress that the guys have made in the past fifteen days.

Not involved in Movember? It’s not too late! Join our team, Stitchy Moes, and start growing your MO.
For more information go to or tweet/e-mail us.



Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter any of the following into the search field or click ‘General Donation’ to make your donation!

Neil Lippert
Robert Minou
Mike Sage
Skitchy Moes (our team)

We are back with a new storytelling contest for November.

In the past, everyone has submitted a story of his or her own for the contest. This month, however, we wanted to try something different and creative; we are going to write a story together.

“How will this work?” you may ask.

Well, let us tell you.

We have set up a Twitter account with the handle @MachStory. This account will tell the story of Machteld. We will begin this story with a 140-character reference to part of the inspiration behind our name.

Where it goes from there is up to you. Contribute to the story with your tweet that adds to the tale and includes the @MachStory handle. We will select our favourite tweet to retweet and add to the story. Every day we will also contribute to the plot with a tweet from @MachStory. This process will continue for the month of November.

If your tweet is selected, your name will go into a draw to win $100.00 at the end of the month. Every time that one of your tweets is retweeted by the @MachStory account during November, your name will be entered an extra time into the draw. You will, however, not be retweeted twice in a row.

“What will the story be about?”

That is up to you. The plot is yours to create and mold. Machteld will be the main character but you can add other characters, decide where they go and what they do. For inspiration, you can read more about the personage behind the Machteld name here. In summary, Machteld is all about creativity. “Machteld […] values imagination, beauty and designs that are both aesthetic and functional.” Keep this in mind and you’ll do great.

For any questions or comments tweet @MachFaasXan, since the @MachStory account will only be used to tell the story.

We look forward to your submissions!

As the social media specialist for MFX, I spend most of my day interacting with people online and also examining other people’s interactions with each other on the web. You can likely guess, that because of this ‘medium submersion’, I have witnessed both the best and the worst of social media. Many of the best practices are up for debate and change depending on the industry. However, there is one truth that everyone should follow: your social media accounts are a reflection of you (or your company) and WILL affect your ‘real-world’ life.

In the past few weeks, especially, I became increasingly annoyed having found people attempting to lead social media “double lives”. Their accounts were public, their names were listed, their picture was even posted, and yet they were posting content and opinions that they would never dare to say in public or in a face-to-face conversation.

People become more brazen on the Internet—when you can’t see the person’s face or reaction, its easy to be bold. This is especially true when it comes to posting rude, mean and inappropriate comments about others.

My aggravation reached a new high last Wednesday. In a moment of frustration, I grabbed my phone and tweeted: “If you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it into a megaphone at a crowded mall, then you shouldn’t post it on social media. #therules.”

Having vented, I continued on with my day. A few hours later, I noticed an overwhelming amount of interactions coming in on my Twitter account. Confused, I scrolled down to find that the Fast Company Twitter account had retweeted me!

The tweet became an example of its own message. My tweet was now being broadcast to their 500 000 followers along with my name and picture. After 24 hours, my tweet had 241 retweets and had been favourited 49 times. Over the next few days, it reached 462 retweets and 108 favourites. These numbers continue to grow, and my tweet has now been translated into Spanish, Swedish and Slovak. I AM on the megaphone…and proud of it.

Many people commented that they agreed, and some even thanked me for this illustration. I also received a lot of criticism from ones stating it isn’t a good comparison, social media isn’t a “big deal”, and no one would be comfortable saying anything into a megaphone anyhow.

I’m not bothered by the criticism because I want that message to be associated with me and can confidently stand behind it. Ironically, these ones just further prove the message that they are criticizing. Because of something that I posted on social media, strangers from all over the world were picking fights—with me. ,

But that is the power of social media—the power to reach people like never before. This was a great experience and opportunity for me because it spread a message in which I strongly believe, to thousands of people— an accomplishment that I would never have been able to do had I not had the ‘power of social media’.

Here is the tweet.

Anyone who has visited our space is met with a giant collage of Post-It notes in the office entrance. 880 Post-It notes spell out the words ‘To Do’ along a wall that frames our kitchen. This creation originally came from the Steel Rails event in 2010. Visitors to the railcar we sponsored wrote something on a Post-It note that they felt would make the region a better place to live.

We loved the end result so much that we decided to keep it. Over time, more people have added to the messages on the board. Some of the notes keep to the original theme and others cover a variety of subjects, from life advice to a picture of a snail.

Many of these notes are inspiring and we want to share them. For the next few months we will be tweeting one of the Post-It notes every day. We don’t necessarily agree with all of the ideas but they spark interesting and important conversations. Let us know your opinions and reactions to the day’s Post It.

The hash-tag for these Post-It notes will be #dailypostit.

There are still blank Post-It notes so feel free to drop by our space and share your words of wisdom.

Many people comment about how they love joining in on our morning Stand-Up. Each morning at 9:30, everyone gets together around the kitchen counter and shares something that inspired, interested or impressed them during the previous 24 hours.

And now you can participate too! To get involved and share something, check out The Stand-Up.

We post the contributions that are shared that morning but we strongly encourage you to submit your own stories, especially if it involves one of our seven core values.

We love when you join the conversation. So, agree, challenge, add, think, disagree, reblog or react how you wish. Your voice matters and we want to hear it.

Final closing up of the cabin and good-byes to friends…


Time and dates are mostly meaningless once I’m installed in the family getaway shack here in Keels (population of 60). I go to sleep when it gets dark, wake up when the sun rises…and repeat.


We want to thank everyone who sent us images for our Story of Sustainability on Pinterest. It’s great to have such a caring and supportive community. We did not win the contest but we want to continue the story.

Our world is precious but sometimes, we all are guilty of forgetting the obvious.

That’s why we have started a collection of images on our Pinterest page that show the beauty of nature, humans in harmony with nature and reminders of the devastating consequences when we abuse this gift.

Please e-mail any images that fit these categories to Make sure that you are not infringing any copyright and that you own the rights to the photograph or that it is public domain. We appreciate all of the images that you have sent so far.

Let’s keep this going.

Hello! We are quite excited about an idea that was just born. There is a very short time limit though so we need everyone to help out quickly.

Urbanears, a headphone company based out of Sweden is holding a contest on Pinterest to promote their three new autumn colours: forest, rust and pumpkin.

Sustainability and storytelling are both concepts that are very important to us at Machteld Faas Xander. Through images on Pinterest, we want to share the story of what humans and our planet, inspired by the ‘forest’ colour. We want to share both the beauty of nature and what can happen when we don’t take care of our earth. Urbanears themselves strive to create their products in a way that respects both environmental and human wellbeing, as is mentioned on their website. Combine this with our excitement for creative uses of new media and you can see why we are energized with this idea.

How you can help. We are looking for help in collecting images for this board. Please send this to anyone who is interested in raising awareness for sustainability and would be interested in contributing an image. The end date for the contest is tomorrow, August 17, so we do not have a lot of time.

Please e-mail any images to Make sure that you are not infringing any copyright and that you either own the rights to the photograph or that it is public domain. We appreciate both images of the beauty of the natural world and the devastating effects of abusing our planet.

The contest details and Urbanears website.

If we win the prize, we want to give it to you, as a thank you for spreading the message. Anyone who sends us an image, retweets or helps to spread the word will be entered into a contest for the headphone collection.

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are.

Thank you!

We hope that you have had an awesome summer so far. If not, maybe we can make it a little more awesome by announcing our MFX August Storytelling Contest.


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